Your first investment of 2016 should be two or three sheets of poster board, notebook paper and an old fashion calendar.


A vision party is a guide to help you create the life you want. What are your personal and professional goals for 2016? What plans do you have for your business and expanding your brand? Use the poster board to write down your ideas. You can use the poster board to create your own 2016 Vision board. If you want, you can invite a few friends over to make it a true vision party. Because I am a visual learner, I would recommend that you tape the board to one of your walls so you can see it every day. Put it in a place where you can spend a few minutes every day looking at your visions.

Use the notebook to create daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly task lists. How will you accomplish the goals on your vision board? If you spend at least 60 minutes per day working on your goals, your vision becomes action steps. For example, if you make a list using these sample questions:

Who do I need to call today?

When will I respond to my emails?

How will I generate 25% more revenue from last year?

What do my clients need that I am not currently offering?

Why do I want this so bad? What is driving my passion?

I love technology but I still like using calendars to schedule meetings and events. In 2016, invest in a calendar that will help you look to the future. Use your calendar to schedule meetings, book and attended local and national conferences and invite people to lunch. A calendar will help you avoid double booking appointments. Your time is valuable.

Write down your goals, make plans and work on them daily.

Claiming a Productive 2016,



Vernard Alexander