“Vernard word is CRITICAL”.  He has created through (social media) a way to create constantly with the community. Constantly giving them information….Constantly creating the venues to bring people together….Constantly giving the message out about the political, business and non-profit process…As a result, something good is always going to come out”.

Edward Gainey

State Representative of PA 24th Legislative District, United States Government

“Vernard is a BRIDGE!” He is a person that brings the concerns of the people together with the people that can make a difference to the concerns of the people”.

Bill Peduto

Mayor, City of Pittsburgh

“Vernard is who he say he is….He is the #ConnectingKing . He’s helped some of our businesses to start thinking about how to use technology and social media”.

Rufus Idris

Executive Director, Christian Evangelistic Economic Development

“Vernard was my 1st client. He always stayed committed to me when I wasn’t committed to myself.  He would call me and ask where are you at with your business plan/progress”.

Diana Lowe

Owner, Humbly At Your Service

“Vernard is a great marketing person that connects people together”.

Erica Upshaw-Givner

Owner, Vision Towards Peace Counseling

“Vernard is an interesting man”. He brings a new face to entrepreneurship. He manages to bring people together that might never connect”.

Latrenda Leonard

Deputy Chief of Operations and Administration, Office of the Mayor at City of Pittsburgh

Vern Alexander is a renowned business networking expert. He connects people and is one of the most networked people I have ever met.  Strong demand for Vern’s time has resulted in him presenting and speaking across the region on countless business and entrepreneurship topics.

Research has shown that an individual’s success and performance are driven by the quality of their networks. Social networks are adding new ways to connect with people, build relationships, and exchange ideas.  If you don’t know Vern, reach out to him.

Linda Handley

Founder and Executive Director, Building Bridges for Businesses

“I think Vernard is the one of the most creative people I have ever met. He is a visionary and he really tries to help people. He’s very good at promoting and patting people on their back”.

Diane Daniels

Owner, DID and Associates