In the year 2000, Destiny’s Child released one of their biggest singles entitled, “Say My Name.” Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child sang these words:  “Say my name, say my name…when no one is around, you say, Baby, I love you.” The song was about a woman who wanted her boyfriend to say her name aloud because she suspected him of cheating.  Speaking her name to other people would have confirmed that what they had was real. Beyoncé was giving you sound business advice,  “. . . say my name. . .”


When I consult new clients, I warn them to protect the name and trade secrets of their brand. What is the name of your business? Is it registered with the state? Do you have the legal right to use the name? Is there someone else in the state with the same name? Who has the legal right to use the name?

It costs a mere $75.00 to register your name with the State of Pennsylvania. Why do you need to register your name with the state? One reason to register your name is to secure it for future use. I know plenty of people that have been sitting on a business idea for years. Some even get upset when a friend or family decides to start a business that is similar to their idea. (We will talk about procrastination at a later date).


Those who are ready to start a business can avoid the $75.00 name registration fee. What you need to file is the Articles of Incorporation for $125.00 to secure the name and informs the State and IRS that you are open for business.


Here is some free advice: Register your business with the State of Pennsylvania before you have people “calling your name.”


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