I have been hosting networking events for nine years. A lot of people make simple mistakes that result in failed personal, business and social relationships. Everyone should’ve a plan for meeting people at different events.


Anyone can “Network”. Learning how to CONNECT to some helps to take the relationship to another level.


Try to figure out who will be attending the event. By talking to the host of the event, you can find out who’s on the guest list. You can also share the details of your business with the host. The host will be able

to direct you to different people to meet at the event.


Connecting is a two way relationship! Learning about the other person is very important. Don’t try to push your agenda at the first meeting. Consider what you’ve to offer the other person.
To effectively network at a event you should focus on meeting NO more than 3 people at the event.  Don’t try to pass out all your business cards to every person in the room. Who do you want to meet? What is the purpose of building this relationship? Where do you see this relationship six months or a year from now?
Are you super nervous? Calm your nerves! Think of some Ice Breaker Questions to get the conversation started:

  • When did you start your business?
  • What do you like about being an Entrepreneur?
  • What would you be doing if you didn’t own a business?
  • What websites, books and blog are must reads for you?
  • What’s your plan for growth?


Let the other person know that you’re interested in their story.


If you get nervous about meeting people arrive early. It will help you feel comfortable with meeting people in empty room vs crowded room.


1) Remember to have your business cards/marketing available

2) Follow up – Email, phone call, written communication, lunch or follow up meeting

Not having business cards & not following up are two of the biggest mistakes people make during connecting.

3) Rehearse Your Elevator Pitch


Utimately you’re looking or will be asking for something. Don’t forget what you’ve to offer the other person!
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